Braemar Gathering Solo Piping

Applications open now below

The Solo Piping competitions start at 9.30am and run throughout the day. There are Senior (18+) and Junior (U18) categories, and local competitors are welcome.

Convener: Mr John Wright, Braemar Royal Highland Society, Committee Member

The Open Senior section for both Pibroch & Light Music i.e. March, Strathspey & Reel is for over-18s — but if someone younger than 18 has reached a high enough standard they may apply to the Convener to enter.

Trophies are awarded for different aspects of playing and each section is judged by three judges who are appointed by our committee. A gold medal is awarded to the winner of the Pibroch and silver medal to the best overseas player, provided they have not won the gold medal.

Winning the gold medal at the Braemar Gathering is an aspiration for many pipers, and competition is of the highest standard — with pipers coming from all over the world to compete. Entrant numbers are limited to 25 for the Pibroch and 30 for the Light Music, and entry is by application to the BRHS.

The Open Under-18 competition is run in the same format as the senior boards but with only two judges for each section. Although there is no special prize for the best overseas piper, there are trophies for best player in each section and best overall.

Piping is in the roots of the Society and is strongly supported. To keep it alive and thriving in this area of Scotland, there are also competitions for players who qualify as local to our area and for those pipers who are local to our kindred Gatherings at Aboyne, Ballater & Lonach.

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Solo Piping Entry Form

Making your selection here will then show the additional sections you need to complete.

List of tunes:

Please provide details of recent events and placings.
Please indicate whether you need a competitors car park pass. Please share transport where possible.

Entries to be received by the 26th April 2024 for senior competitions and 31st July 2024 for junior competitions, when draw will be made and competitors notified of playing order.

Competition starts at 10.00 a.m.

Entry is restricted to 20 in the Open Senior Piobaireachd (with 5 reserves)
Entry is restricted to 25 in Open Senior Light Music.

*After first 20 entries for Senior Piobaireachd competition are received, the next 5 entries will be advised they are on reserve list. No more entries will be accepted*

The Senior Open Piping competitions start at 10 am.

The Junior Open Piping competition start at 10.30 am.

Playing positions will be posted on our website and our Facebook Page Braemar Gathering one week prior to the event

Competitors should confirm their arrival to the Piping Stewards on the day of the event.

Changes to tunes will only be accepted up until the 19th August, to allow organisers to process them.

Should you wish to withdraw from the competition before the day, please advise the Secretary as soon as possible to allow reserves to be notified.

Data privacy: please note that personal details will be held by the Braemar Royal Highland Charity only. We will retain this info until the following years gathering after which it will be deleted. We will not use any entry details for any other purpose like advertising, merchanidising, spam etc.

Pay at the gate on the day to enter the Gathering

Local Piping - entries on the day