Braemar Gathering Heavy Events

Applications open May 2024 and close 15th August 2024

Wherever you go to watch Highland games, spectators will always be enthralled by the kilted "Heavies" — and especially at Braemar.

Convener: Colin McIntosh, Braemar Royal Highland Society, Committee Member

For centuries the traditional throwing of Hammers, Putting the Stone and Tossing the Caber has carried on, with more recently the addition of Throwing Weight for distance and over the Bar for height. The competition never fails to be thrilling and exciting, with athletes from all over the world trying to beat long-standing records and win a decent day's prize money.

The well-known athlete and television strongman Geoff Capes set the record for Putting the Braemar Stone 35 years ago.

Judging plays a big part and, fortunately for us, well-known names have taken on the role after their careers finished. Well-known local heavy Henry Gray and the legendary Bill Anderson MBE — who dominated the Heavies for several decades until recently — served as judges. Luckily, this tradition is being carried on.

So come along and enjoy the spectacle of the “Heavies” at Braemar and see who manages to toss the famous Braemar Caber.

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Heavy Events Entry

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Throughout the Various Competitions, the regulations of the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering will be strictly adhered to.

The Gathering’s Stone, Hammer and Caber to be used; the Hammer to be thrown without turning. The Caber to be tossed within the designated area only. Three trials will normally be allowed each Competitor for Putting the Stone, Throwing the Hammer and Tossing the Caber, but the number of trials may be reduced at the discretion of the Convenor.
No practice will be permitted outside the Safety Net.

All Competitors must be dressed in Highland Costume. This rule is strictly enforced. Event Convenors have the right to remove any competitor, at any time, on the grounds of safety.

No Person will be allowed within the Ring except Judges, Members of the Committee and competitors engaged.

In all cases the decision of the Judges shall be final. Competitors failing to come forward when notified or failing to comply with Judges instructions will be disqualified.

All Competitors should note that an admission fee will be charged, enabling them to enter each competition in their event, there are no individual event entrance fees charged.

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