Hublot Watches - Official timekeepers

The Braemar Royal Highland Gathering are pleased to confirm that Hublot Watches will again act as official time keepers and sponsors for the Track Events at the 2017 Braemar Gathering.

The Gathering is proud to organise the oldest recorded continuously held foot races in the world. The hill race which is one of the highlights of the day was first recorded as being run at gatherings held by King Malcolm Canmore (1031 - 1093) to select the fittest and fleetest clansmen to act as his messengers. The record for the current race has been held since 1984 by M Hawkins in 24 minutes 28 seconds. A real test of agility, stamina and speed, athletes come from all over the world to try themselves against the course. As one of our longest standing records it would be great to see our official time keepers Hublot Watches display a new record at the 2017 Gathering. Online entries for this year will go live at midnight on the 31 July.

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